Distribution network


We are headquartered in Mazar-e-Sharif, with our own bulk fuel storage facilities present in Hairatan in the north, Islamqala in the west and also Kabul. We have one of the widest distribution network in the country. Mahan maintains a comprehensive fleet of 1500 trucks throughout Afghanistan. We can provide complete fuel movement apart from other services such as dispatch, tracking and security.

  • Our distribution network is not only widespread, but also highly secure and expands continuously
  • Mahan delivers fuel products to all 34 provinces throughout Afghanistan
  • We have a team of fuel quality experts for quality surveillance of our facilities and handling of products
  • We use over 1500 trucks solely owned by us for flexible movement of the consignment
  • The company performs web based monitoring of fuel convoys and fuel inventories
  • Mahan from time and again, sets the bar higher for fuel supply standard for excellence in efficient supply and customer support
  • We have dedicated set of professionals in petroleum operations for import, storage and transport to the customers


Mahan provides an array of services related to Transportation, Logistics, Fuel Supply and Storage, Warehousing. Other services apart from this are