Storage Construction (UL 142 Standards)


Mahan design and mechanical engineering team are dedicated to the design of specialized fuel tank containers and especially UL 142 storage tank. Our team has designed amongst others, the range of containers which has essentially transformed the bulk fuel storage manufacturing.
The basic features of UL 142 standard storage tanks include containment spaces and their respective openings (manway, emergency vents, normal vents, fill/withdraw, gauging, monitoring and other functional openings) with connections and integral tank accessories such as ladders, stairs, lifting lugs. All primary tank compartments are provided with openings to accommodate filling, withdrawing, inventory control and all secondary tank interstitial spaces are provided with openings for leak detection monitoring.
We do all of the work from design, civil engineering related work and fabrication of the tanks. We are the only company in Afghanistan doing fuel tank construction, according to the American standards. Apart from the tank manufacturing, we also provide all accessories like gauges, vents, emergency vents, pumps and pipes from Marison Bross-USA and other major companies of the world.


Mahan provides an array of services related to Transportation, Logistics, Fuel Supply and Storage, Warehousing. Other services apart from this are