Mahan supports clients for more than a decade through transportation, fuel supply, fuel storage, armored vehicles, environmental services, fuel storage construction and warehousing. Our ground experience in challenging and risky terrains makes us stand apart

Mahan manages a fleet of more than 1500 trucks, including dry cargo trucks, fuel transportation trucks and refrigerated trucks.Our experience has taught us to execute all the tasks of the project ourselves in order to efficiently execute the tasks as per the plan. So we use our own trucks thereby not relying on subcontractors.

With our own bulk fuel storage capacity in the major ports spread throughout Afghanistan in Hairatan-north, Islamqala-west and Kabul, all of which built as per the latest safety standards, we have the necessary infrastructure to provide wholesome services in both fuel transportation and storage.

Mahan has been supporting many prime contractors, including National Afghan Trucking (NAT) and Afghan Transportation Network (ATN). We also provide services for the US Army and NATO in the most challenging and remote areas. Our clientele is global and so are our facilities, standards and expertise, all of them on par with global standards.