Environmental Services


Mahan offers comprehensive environmental services ranging from black water/grey water/grease collection and disposal, solid waste collection and sorting, landfill management, Incineration, Composting and Recycling. Our practices are made as per the specifications of the government and international environmental protection organizations. Waste generation is higher than ever, so commitment to environmental sustainability also ought to grow. Our services reduce disposal cost and integrate environmentally sustainable waste management plans with routine activities.
Our facilities include larger landfills, recyclers, waste removal trucks to smaller facilities such as daily serviced waste bins and portable toilets. The materials we recycle are reprocessed and rubbish is sent for incineration. Similarly composting and landfill management services too are made environment friendly. By taking care of the environment in our own way, Mahan gives back to mother Earth and helps it become green.


Mahan provides an array of services related to Transportation, Logistics, Fuel Supply and Storage, Warehousing. Other services apart from this are