Fuel Quality Control


We follow strict and latest quality maintenance norms. All our infrastructure conforms to the rules and regulations of International safety standards. The procedures and methods we follow are updated and modified time and again to imbibe latest prescribed specifications.
Our in house Laboratory is the industry leader in fuel testing, analysis and research. Apart from using the lab for testing our fuel, we also provide high quality fuel analysis and testing services to commercial and industrial businesses. The laboratory is designed to focus entirely on fuel analysis and testing services. We provide superior quality analysis, personalized customer service and far superior sample turnaround times.
The laboratory offers a comprehensive collection of fuel testing services that have been designed to detect storage integrity and classify the products by ASTM Standard and industry specifications. Our basic fuel testing package helps determine whether the tested fuel meets the stipulated standard ASTM specifications or not.
Fuel Accountibility
Once the product leaves the supplier, it is tracked all along the route till the delivery point. Our personnel use GPS to provide real-time tracking of the wagons. Apart from this, we verify the wagons at key points along the route.
This information is reported every now and then to Mahan Head Quarters and petroleum office. Our dedicated set of employees will coordinate with customs for the transfer of RTCs to the port. Also, our petroleum office coordinates with Afghanistan customs department for RTC wagon movement.
Anti Pilfrege Methods
Closed-circuit television is being installed at our port and border facilities to monitor RTC receipts. Our management verifies all gauge, issues, receipts of fuel under consideration. In case of any loss over 1%, an investigation would be initiated. All the tank trucks will be sealed upon loading.
One of our peculiar qualities is defensive parking, so that our fuel tanks are easily visible through live surveillance cameras. Another is top notch security lighting, which doesn’t reflect glare to observers and enhances round-the-clock clear visibility.
API standard filtration system
Our filtration system has a capacity to filter 600 Gallons of fuel per minute. It is made with carbon steel along with epoxy lining. We use velcon filter and water coalesces. Every truck, at both download and upload points have basket strainers attached to it.
Fuel going into storage at airport installations will pass through a basic filter. Additional filtration shall be provided when fuel is taken out of the storage.The product will not be exposed to contamination between the first filter and the cargo  container. The SOP contains all safety requirement standards. A copy of SOP will always be readily available for quick reference.


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