Fuel Storage Facilities


Mahan provides bulk fuel storage service in all major ports of Afghanistan. We have delivery points in all directions of our country as Hairatan in the north, Islamqala in the west and Kabul. Our bulk storage facilities are built as per the latest safety standards. We have the necessary infrastructure to provide all encompassing services in fuel storage apart from the fuel supply. The pertinent features of our storage facilities are

  • Conformed to American Society for Testing Material (ASTM)
  • On-site quality assurance testing laboratory
  • API 650 Standard Construction and Design
  • API/IP 1581 for aviation jet fuel filter/separators
  • API/IP 1590 aviation fuel Microfilters
  • API/IP 1596 for aviation fuel filter vessels
  • Separate water separator for loading and uploading
  • JP8 blending capability with Hammond injectors
  • ASME B31.3 for piping construction


Mahan provides an array of services related to Transportation, Logistics, Fuel Supply and Storage, Warehousing. Other services apart from this are